In the past the short run Corrugated shipping box buyer has had to compromise, on quantity, size and delivery times.

Not any more. The new Boxer brings the supplier and customer closer together. I have an acquaintance who imports stuff from China, he brings it in re packages it and sends it out in a new shipping box. The product is in three different sizes and often have to go as a mixed box. Spends heaps of time trying to find the right size box for small orders. Plus with courier costs and especially air freight he cant afford to lose a layer on the pallet, due to oversize boxes and effectively shipping fresh air. That cheap box has now become an expensive one!

if his box supplier had a BCS BOXER he could go in, with his three products, pick a box style and with the help of our Box Sizer software, see the ideal box on the screen. 60 second later he would have a formed and glued sample to test. If this is the box for him, by the time they had a coffee together, and paid for the job. He is on his way with 100 Printed shipping boxes, exactly the right size, style with his Logo, Bar code and phone number. In less than 15 minutes!

The Boxer over 100 box styles. Up to 1000 per hour. True slotted box. 60 second set up time. Hopper feeding, in-line digital print, in- line gluing. Tool less touch screen technology. With Job queue and job size.

Custom boxes On- demand.